Signature Pen : Premium Stripes

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A pen to last a lifetime.

Thoughtfully designed by Lunarbay, the gold stainless steel body reinforces timelessness and elegance to make it last a lifetime.

Complete with a matte black gift box that is perfect for gift to self and love ones. Be sure to make this one of your favourite things!

Perfect for gifts, wedding, desk decoration etc. 

♥ Measurements: 136mm Length x 11mm Width
♥ Twist open/close mechanism
♥ Black ink ballpoint pen
♥ 0.7mm Parker Pen Tip (Refill is widely available)

♥ Gold Stainless Steel body casing
♥ Premium Matte Black Gift Box

*With its refill widely available, you may easily switch to a thinner/thicker writing tip!



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