Marble Acrylic Desk Set of 3 / Marble Acrylic Stapler

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Hey marble-lous people, do we have your attention now? We create style that meets functionality with this being the best collection yet.

To enhance the classic design, the Marble design is seamless to ensure no disconnected marble joints.

A) Marble Desk Set of 3 
(includes Stapler, Tape Dispenser & Pen Holder)

B) Marble Desk Set of 3 + Marble Premium Pen 
(includes Stapler, Tape Dispenser, Pen Holder & Marble Premium Pen)

C) Marble Stapler 


1. Pen Holder 
Measurements: 78mm L x 78mm W x 10mm H
Marble acrylic body 

2. Stapler
Measurements: 130mm L x 30mm W x 60mm H
Marble acrylic body with gold accent base

3. Tape Dispenser
Measurements: 130mm L x 36mm W x 65mm H
Marble acrylic body with gold accent base



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